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Hi there! I'm Gareth and I like making things for the internet. Mostly I work on the front-end, with cool tech like React, Svelte, and GraphQL - even normal ol' JavaScript. Used to do WordPress development, still do too - PHP is my friend! Big fan of making the web accessible for everyone.

Check out some stuff I've made, read my blog posts, or get in touch! You can even learn more about me if you want.

Here's some stuff I made!

Open Source
Sanctum Theme

Sanctum WordPress Theme

A custom WordPress theme designed to accommodate the needs of OneTrust Home Loans's joint ventures and DBAs.

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LoanForce Insider

Custom dashboard for giving real estate agents an inside look at their clients's loan information.

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OneTrust Portfolio Landing Pages

Portfolio Landing Pages

OneTrust Home Loans landing pages featuring flagship Portfolio Loan products. Designed as a customizable, extensible Gatsby template that is easily reusable for different loan types.

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Mortgage Loan Originator Sites

Loan Originator Websites

Business sites for OneTrust Home Loans's sales team. Designed as a template that can be used for every team member and multiple brands.

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Branch Sites

Retail Branch Websites

Sites for OneTrust retail branches. Powered by React and Apollo Client. Click on a city/state panel to check out that individual branch.

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Recruitment Site

Recruitment Website

Recruiting website designed to help grow OneTrust's sales team. Hilight of this project - building a custom method of vertical and horizontal scrolling animations.

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Virginia Commonwealth University MERC

Metropolitan Education Research Consortium Website

Homepage for a department of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Education. Learning the TerminalFour CMS and how to implement a fully custom design within its limitation proved to be an interesting challenge.

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Virginia Commonwealth University COBE

Center for Emotional & Behaviorial Health Website

Homepage for a student wellness center at VCU. Built as a custom WordPress theme designed specifically to the institution's needs. This was the first professional WordPress theme I developed; it's based on Bones.

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